JELO, Savant, Adam K - Four Days EP [Review]

JELO, Savant, & Adam K - Four Days (EP)
Release Date: 2013-05-06
Label(s): SectionZ Records
Genre(s): Electro House

Track List
1. Baddery (3:43) (Savant and JELO)
2. Damage (4:11) (Savant and Adam K)

The combination of three very talented electronic music producers should yield an impressive release. Though three names brandish the cover, only two artists contribute to each track with Savant being the constant. It would have been interesting to hear all three collaborate to each track, but I'll take what I can get. Savant has been a favorite of mine for the past year largely thanks to Vario and The Alchemist. There is plenty to sample from Savant as he has the most prolific production schedule of any artist with four releases this year alone. His newest, 4 Days EP,  is a mixed-bag.

The first track is "Baddery," the collaboration of Savant with JELO. The track starts with an ominous male voice taunting the listener in rhythm. It slowly fades into a basic electronic house beat with grinding acid synths. The occasional flutter or high-pitched squeal gives the song a dance-floor feel. At around the 1:35 mark the song breaks into a classic Savant synth melody before changing into a weird, random breakdown. The song finishes off fluctuating between the three or four different sound pattern. It fades out as an unimpressive track.

The second track, "Damage," features the collaboration of Savant and Adam K and is the better of the two. It is more progressive, more pattern-based electro. Normally, that's not an issue but the two songs contrast immensely; to the point where the album's feel doesn't fit the bill. A nice Savant touch includes the distorted vocals sprinkled throughout giving it a 'sweet' feeling. The song is pretty cliche in terms of style and flips between the soft break and the heavier bridges. It is decidedly better than "Baddery," but still not the riveting jam one would expect from such a collaboration. 

Grade: C+

4 Days EP is available to purchase from Beatport.


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