Knife Party - Haunted House EP [Review]

Knife Party - Haunted House (EP)

Release Date: 2013-05-06
Label(s): Earstorm/Big Beat Records
Genre(s): Electro House

Track List
1. Power Glove (4:21)
2. LRAD (5:15)
3. EDM Death Machine (4:23)
4. Internet Friends (VIP) (5:00)

The emerging electronic house duo Knife Party, consisting of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, continues on their impressive musical adventure with the release of their new EP Haunted House. The band's previous venture, Rage Valley, was an incredible entry for the electro house genre thus it was only fitting to hope that Haunted House follow similar suit.

The first track, "Power Glove," is a resounding electric jam in the same vein as the kickstarter from Rage,
"Rage Valley" 
(or even "Centipede"). With the incessant echo of a menacing voice repeating "now you're playing with power," this pumped-up dance track is a definite anthem tune paying homeage to Nintendo's archaic gaming appendage. With swift kicks and an energetic feel, Power Glove certainly is a solid way to start the album. The next song, "LRAD," is a mixture of electro house and jacked house with some minimalistic foundations. Heavy acid synths periodically sprinkled about provide some solace from the dark ambience the untraditional chorus delivers. LRAD swings back-and-forth between the almost moombahton roots with a melodic take on Chicago-house-meets-electro-house. "EDM Death Machine," is certainly a spiritual successor to Modern Talking's "Internet Friends." In the same vein, it starts off with an robotic, metallic male voice foreshadowing the ultimate demise of several cliched phrases, many of which are overused in the electronic dance music scene (such as 'dropping the bass'). A thunderous kick propels the monotonous tune into a change of pace halfway-through; a poetic bridge that has throwback roots to early 90's techno music. This nostalgic rift could be an ironic tribute to the vast difference in early to modern electronic music, much as the opening monologue alluded to a change for the future.

Unfortunately, the musical journey ends on a sour note. The final track of Haunted House is a VIP cut of Knife Party's most popular track Internet Friends (and with its immediate placement after EDM Death Machine, you can hear the similarities of the voices between these two tracks). While the track certainly is a must-have for any Knife Party fan, chances are they've already heard it a dozen times. Surely it would have been better to end the EP with an original track instead. With a year between their releases, it's barely enough to get by with the few original features they put out.

Overall, the effort of providing fans of their work some EDM solace was a success. With power anthems in both Power Glove and EDM Death Machine, there's enough substance here to last us a few months. However, the audience will desire something soon before the cries for originality will become too thunderous to ignore. As with any dance music album these days, you can purchase this four-track EP on Beatport via digital download.

Grade: B+


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