We're Coming Back!

After a yearlong hiatus, I've decided to restart the machine that is Music Faze. Though I stopped writing, I continued to listen to EDM (electronic dance music) with the same intensity. There is still a lot to be said (and written) about the popularity of dubstep, house, electro, glitch hop, and the numerous other sub-genres that encompass dance music. For now, my focus will be to continue the same trend as before: sharing EDM music I come across and allowing you, the listener, to decide if it's worthy of your own ears. For those of you who are stumbling across this music blog for the first time, know that there's much more to come (and soon). If you've managed to remain a fan all this time, I thank you for your loyalty. Stay tuned for more content, more posts, and especially more electronic music.

Wolfgang Gartner - Welcome Back