About Music Faze

About the Author

Zachary Anderson is a huge electronic music enthusiast, being a fan of the genre for quite some time. Most of his friends did not really appreciate the music so, in the words of just about every character from Bioshock, he had to go top side. He had to take to the internet to continue to grow his obsession with the music. Eventually, after perusing numerous other music sites, he decided he wanted to do the same thing-- but in his own, creative way. He did just that and created Music Faze, an electronic music resource site for those who were fans, old and new, of electronic music. He hails from Orlando, Florida and is currently attending the University of Central Florida for an English degree. He also realizes that talking about himself in third-person makes him sound pretentious, like LeBron James.

What is Music Faze?

What started out as a simple music review website I did on the side has blossomed to a full-fledged electronic music resource.

I created Music Faze in April of 2011 as a personal contribution to the music community. I enjoy a wide variety of music, just about every genre, and found that there are tons of independent and emerging artists in each genre. Unfortunately, as talented as many of them are, they are also largely unheard of. I constantly peruse music news websites, Amazon.com, and even Wikipedia in search of new artists and sounds often hitting the jackpot. Now with Music Faze I have a chance to get the word out for all these bands in a modern and cool format. Music Faze is as all about exposing listeners to new sounds.

Why Music Faze?

Unlike most online music outlets, I do not review every new album or artist that comes my way. Rather, I recommend electronic artists and albums that are worth checking out and wish to spread the word. I often feature music previews and downloads for promotional purposes, spreading the talent of the wide variety of artists featured on MusicFaze. I still write reviews, mostly to support and encourage the sound of the album. I give each album I review a Faze Grade (C- to A+). The higher the grade the better, with minor fluctuations between "-" and "+".